june 2012

Sneak Sneak is a 2D offline coop sneaking game aimed towards hardcore to semi-hardcore players. In it's current state it is playable with 2 Xbox controllers on the PC. It was made as my exam project for the Utrecht School of Arts' Game Design study.

In Sneak Sneak both players work together to reach their goal. Together they jump higher and further, bash through walls and stomp up totems to unlock the exit. All this wile constantly hiding to remain unseen by the evil robot conquistadors.

At the 2012 Dutch Game Awards Sneak Sneak got nominated for Best Student Game.

Sneak Sneak Website 

Download latest build

My role within this project: Game Designer / Level Designer


30 januari 2011

Global Game Jam 2011 NL (theme: extinction) entry and winner of 1st place & crowd pleaser award.

GLITCHHIKER is a game that can become extinct.

Everytime a player anywhere in the world starts up the game, the game itself loses 1 life. However,
for every 100 coins the player collects while playing the game a life is added. This way players directly influence whether the game lives and prospers or becomes extinct. When the game becomes extinct it can no longer be played.

GLITCHHIKER went extinct on Sunday 6 february 2011 at 21:41

The game has recieved publicity on Control Online.

At the 2011 Dutch Game Awards GLITCHHIKER got nominated for the Control Industry Award. 
At GDC 2012, GLITCHHIKER recieved an honorable mention for the IGF Nuovo Award.


My role within this project: Game Designer


30 augustus 2010   
Lensflare Project

Lensflare Games is a student initiative to oganize the best student from the Utrecht School of Arts into a single outfit. 

Shortburst is a 4 player 3D dogfight game set in space in which the players compete for the highest score and the many weapon and boost crates spread throughout the levels. 

The game's unique feature is 'sliding', in which the player can press a button to be able to maintain his course while having the possibility to turn his ship in all directions. When the player releases the button, the ship will fly into the direction he was facing when the button was released. This allows players to easily face opponents coming from whichever side.

My role within this project: Game Designer / Level Designer


24 januari 2010

Strangers is an experimental game aimed at teaching players a little bit about themselves. It was created with Jan Willem Nijman during a seminar called "Pushing the Boundaries".

The game has recieved publicity on certain indiegame sites:

Download Strangers

My role within this project: Game Designer


03 december 2009

Cubism tells the story of a mechanical environment who's only wish is to be organic. Witnessing the true freedom you -a human- posesses, the environment becomes filled with envy. In it's wish to be the only organism around, it will eventually try to destroy you, not being afraid to show it's true mechanical prowess in the process.

One of the main gameplay mechanics in Cubism is the fact that players can grow cubes out of walls. With this simpel mechanic players must solve puzzles and treverse the environment.

Cubism Trailer on Vimeo

My role within this project: Game Designer / Level Designer / Sound Designer / Artist


18 september 2009

Exit Man is a gameconcept which makes use of the iPhone's touch functions. Using their fingers to manipulate the environment, players must get a running man savely across the level.

As of early 2012 a brand new version of Exit Man is being developed for Android and iOS with Sulistas.

My role within this project: Game Designer